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Bag sealing and food preservation device

Bag sealing and food preservation device
Preserves and protects food from loss of air and moisture, reducing chances of food spoilage Increases freshness of food 2-3 times Maintains food color, taste, aroma and nutritional value Makes food easier to transport and store
Electric bag closures, food preservation by suction and air discharge, and thermal welding of the bags. One of the best known ways globally to preserve foods without preservatives is to empty the air (vacuum), which is the idea that was implemented to be able to do this at home. To suction the air and then weld the bag with strong double heat welding. This will provide protection against harmful bacteria, fungi and microorganisms due to the lack of air and oxygen necessary for the life and growth of bacteria, etc. Vacuum foods are kept safely in a vacuum as they retain essential vitamins and nutritional value

Your food will be fresh with the Vacuum bag closing device, it will suck the air out of the bag and close it for storage.
• The device sucks the air out of the bag and then closes it, which helps to make the food prefer fresh.
• It is small in size and you can put it anywhere in the kitchen.
• It will help you very much in storing and organizing food in the freezer.
• Comes with gift bags for storage.
• It runs on electricity so that you know how to use it all the time.
• Easy to use, through a button with ease.
• the description*
• Brand:- Vacuum Fresh maintaining.
• Model:- G-88.
• Voltage:- 220v.
• Frequency: -50Hz.
• Power:- 100 Watt.
• Dimensions:- 360 x 54 x 50 mm.
• Package Content*
1x device.
• 5x sachets.

EGP 248
SKU: K 041

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