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Multi-use sugar standard

Multi-use sugar standard
It works by pressing
for sugar, salt, spices and many more,
It has a comfortable design and a modern look
Very useful for diabetics and the elderly
Those who suffer from shivering when holding things
Where you can get a fixed amount of sugar every time
Pre-determined size by changing the three accessories
Either a quarter or 1/2 or a small spoon,
It is also modern and elegant and looks more distinctive, whether in your kitchen
Or when serving drinks to guests and on invocations
Easy to use and refill, insulated design that keeps moisture and air in
It has other manual settings that spray, pour and close just like a regular spice dispenser
Distributor size 17 x 6.5 x 5.5 cm

EGP 65
SKU: K 281

In stock

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