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Stainless oil sprayer

Stainless oil sprayer
– Oil, lemon and butter spray for cooking, frying and roasting
Spray oil and butter for cooking, frying, roasting, and adding olive oil and sauces to the salad
stainless steel oil sprayer
Fill the sprayer with your favorite oils, vinegar, lemon and lime juice
Made of stainless steel, perfect for spray components instead of using brushes when roasting.
*Before using the oil sprayer, you can clean it with disinfectants. Then fill it with olive oil or vinegar after drying.
* This sprayer is the most hygienic, economical and eco-friendly way to add sauces and oils to food.
It always looks elegant on the dinner table.
* The oil sprayer is ideal for oils, olive oil, sunflower oil, vinegar, soy sauce, lemon juice and lime in it. It produces a fine mist and more mixture in spraying on foods as well as when grilling or roasting

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